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Staff 2018

To email any staff member, please use the following address; staff members first name then their first initial of their last name ... @greenbay.school.nz

i.e.  cherylm@greenbay.school.nz

Principal                                                           Anand Muthoo
Deputy Principal                                             Alex Milich  
Associate Principal                                         Cheryl McElroy  
Senco/International Students                       James Mawson 
Administration Manager                               Marilyn Logan  
School Secretary                                             Robin Brokken
Attendance/Admin                                         Ashleigh West

Kyra Rusten Room 19 Headstart Whanau Leader Pohutukawa
Kajal Meanger Room 18 Year 1  
Alice Woods Room 17 Year 1  
Sheryl Squier Room 28 Headstart  
Rowan Mackinlay Room 27 Headstart  
Natalie Williamson Room 23 Year 2  
Angilene Prasad Room 24 Year 2  
Jill Harper Room 25 Year 2  
Susan Jull Room 26 Year 2 Whanau Leader Totara
Anna Graham Room 22 Year 3  
Coral Steele Room 21 Year 3&2  
Cathy Kearse Room 8 Year 3  
Lorraine Sauvarin Room 7 Year 3 Whanau Leader Matai
Nicole McMillan Room 6 Year 4  
Diana Comp Room 5 Year 4&5 Whanau Leader Kowhai
Hayley Bamborough/    Maxine McClenaghan Room 4 Year 4  
Carla Melton Room 3 Year 4  
Maria Leaity Room 2 Year 6  
Daphne van Deventer Room 1 Year 5&6  
Anja Hennig Room 29 Year 6  
Wayne Southgate Room 30 Year 5 Whanau Leader Rimu
Alvin Nair Room 31 Year 5  
Tessa McNickle Room 11 Year 7  
Robert Simpson Room 12 Year 8  
Dan Whiting Room 13 Year 8 Whanau Leader Kauri
Andy McLarin Room 15 Year 7  
Nina Laher Room 14 Year 7&8  
Nick Taylor Science Teacher
Veronica Zane ESOL Teacher
Sharon Giacon Librarian/Resource
Gemma Marriott IT Specialist
Permanent Teacher Aides: Cherie Mason - Rainbow Reading
Susan Clark - Resource Room      
Teuila Lasika
Property Manager:
Murray Emerson
Groundsman: Andrew Quinn
Cat Mellor Teacher Aide  
Jayne Cotterill Art Shed Office Reading RecoveryTeacher
Deborah Martin R17 Office Reading RecoveryTeacher
Diana Ekren R23 Office Reading RecoveryTeacher