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Simone Hunter

I come from a creative and innovation background working across commercial partnerships, brand and strategic marketing across the private and public sector for brands including NZ Fashion Week, NZ Trade and Enterprise, The Arts Foundation and earlier as a producer for MSN.

I love our unique Green Bay community and the parents who are so authentic, with strong family values; who I know want their kids to be given the best possible experience and foundation years at school. I really believe in giving our children the most diverse and broad education possible.

It’s so important that every child feels empowered and leaves Green Bay primary school confident in their abilities, whether that is academically, or through other skills and talents which are just as important including sport, art, music, awareness of the environment and really importantly, great social skills; that is to be aware, caring, kind, confident and open to all possibilities and opportunities in life.

These years are so important to set that tone and direction, and to provide limitless opportunities so that children feel that they can achieve anything and be great.

The more families we have involved and engaged, to increase our resources, in any capacity the better! Don’t be shy.

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