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Tim Rickards

Hi there,

My wife Jo and I are a committed (if slightly weathered at times) parents of two boys, Robbie (7) and Patrick (3). I grew up in the area, attending BHB primary and intermediate schools before attending Green Bay High School. I am now a chartered professional Civil Engineer working for a consultancy delivering land development projects across Auckland. I feel I can bring a lot of construction contract knowledge to the board to help with the ongoing modernisation of the school. Ongoing development in the green bay area will continue to lead to a growing school roll, and I would like to make sure that my youngest will be able to attend the same great school that it is now. I am familiar with working with project managers, design consultants and construction contractors to deliver projects to set timeframes and budgets. One of the key things I would like the school to look at is working with Auckland Transport to improve the safety of the Godley Road frontage for our kids getting to and from school. In addition to the above I have strong financial literacy and am a very balanced, rational decision maker. I am good at working with people from a range of skill sets and back grounds towards a common goal.

Thanks Tim

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