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Term 3 2022 COVID-19

Parent Protocols Term 3 July.pdf
Staying in Orange Masking Up Letter to Parents.pdf

Term 1 2022 COVID-19

Parent Protocols Term 2 2022 Monday 2 May .pdf

Moving to Orange Letter to Parents Monday 2 May 2022.pdf

Letter to Parents Thursday 14 April.pdf

Letter to Parents Wednesday 13 April pdf

Letter to Parents Friday 1 April 2022.pdf

Letter to Parents Friday 25th March 2022.pdf

Letter to Parents Friday 11th March 2022.pdf

Letter to Parents Friday 04th March 2022.pdf

What cases and contacts need to do in Phase 3.pdf

Phase 3 letter 2 parents.pdf

Letter to Parents Friday 28 January 2022.pdf

2022 Parent Protocols.pdf

Letter to Parents 30th November 2021.pdf

Letter to Parents 11th November 2021 Term 4.pdf

What to do if there is a case of COVID-19at any school.pdf

Parent Protocols Level 3 from 17th November 2021 Term 4.pdf

Letter to Parents 12th October 2021 (2).pdf

Access to food or essential items.pdf

Alert Level 3 September 21st 2021.pdf

Letter to Parents September 17th 2021.pdf

Letter to Parents August 23rd 2021 (1).pdf

Linewize Healthy Home Learning.pdf

Supports and resources during lockdown 1 pager for schools and ELS Aug 2021.pdf

Letter to Parents August 23rd 2021 (1).pdf

Electronics and Hard Copies.pdf

Letter to Parents August 20th.pdf

COVID-19 Alert Level 4 August 17th 2021.pdf

COVID-19 Friday 5 March 2021.pdf

Parent letter 28 Feb 2021 Level 3.pdf

COVID-19 Sunday 14 Feb 2021 Letter to Parents .pdf

Covid-19 Parent Protocols Level 2 24th 25th Sept 2020.pdf

Trusted Sources for COVID-19 Information 15th September.pdf

COVID-19 Parent Protocols Level 2.5 14th September 2020.pdf

School is a Safe Environment.pdf

MoH COVID-Information for Parents and Caregivers.pdf

COVID-19 Parent Protocols Level 2 2020.pdf

Parent Letter Level 2 28th August .pdf

GBS Alert Level 3Letter COVID-19 25th August.pdf

GBS Alert Level 3 Letter COVID-19 24th August.pdf

GBS Alert Level 3 Letter COVID-19 21st August.pdf

GBS Alert Level 3 Letter 14th August 2020 (1).pdf

Information about COVID-19 alert levels for parents and whānau

Learning from Home website which has advice for parents on looking after their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others

GBS Alert Level 1 Update -Letter to Parents 11th June 2020.pdf

GBS Alert Level 1 9th June 2020.pdf

GBS Alert Level 2 Update 29th May 2020.pdf

Protocols for Level 2 14th May 2020 (002).pdf

22 May 2020 Letter to GBS Whanau (002).pdf

Level 2 update for your information.pdf

GBS - School Closure.pdf

GBS - School Closure (2).pdf

GBS - School Closure (3).pdf

GBS - School Closure (4).pdf

GBS Wellbeing During Closure 5.pdf

Learning from Home Term 2,20201.pdf

GBS Term 2 2020 (1).pdf


COVID_Information for schools fact sheet_FINAL_2020March04.pdf

Coronovirus Information.pdf

Letter to our families 12 March 2020.pdf

The health and wellbeing of our staff and students is our priority.

Please make note, if your child is sick, you are to keep them at home. Do not send them to school.

In order that students are fully well and able to return to school without spreading their coughs and colds to everyone else, we recommend the following durations:

Diarrhoea & Vomiting Illnesses

Children/students are to stay at home until 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.


Children/students are to stay at home until they are well, generally 1-4 days (an average of 2 days).

Sore Throat/Strep Throat

Children/students are to stay at home until they are well or have received antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours (strep-throat).

Please read the attached letter from our Principal, Anand Muthoo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please make contact with us via email or telephone 09 8176666 in the first instance.

Link to Ministry of Health:

Regards Green Bay School

Ministry of Education

The information and resources are available at Learning from home and Ki te Ao Mārama

GBS Heroes

It might be helpful for the community to know that there is additional support available during lockdown and beyond for people who might be struggling, or needing to connect with wellbeing activities. The Wellbeing Sessions, are peer-supported and part of the government’s COVID-19 wellbeing support package, so it is free to access – and we will be adding some family friendly sessions to make sure those with little ones at home aren’t excluded from connecting with others – just look at the calendar register for the session or sessions that interest you on

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