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Hello, Ni Hao, Annyeonghase, Konnichiwa, Kumusta, Talofa, Halo!

Welcome to Green Bay School ESOL!

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programme caters for children whose English is their second or other language. It aims at helping the ESOL children develop their English skills within a shorter timeframe so that our students can settle well in the mainstream classes and make consistent progress.

Highlights of the ESOL programme

• Fun, hands-on and practical learning activities

• Small group instruction

• Focusing on all language needs, i.e oral, written and visual

• Individual as well as in-class support

• Relating to current school topics

• Well supported facilities

Most ESOL students attend class twice a week for 45 minutes each time. They work with the specialist ESOL teacher and teacher aides. Their individual learning needs are identified through initial assessment, and programmes are planned to meet their needs.

Our ESOL students enjoy this small, friendly environment. Many make satisfying progress within a short time.

Miss Helen He
09 8176666

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Gates open at 8.30am

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Jun 3

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Jun 4

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