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You too could be a part of our Green Bay School Fundraising team and help to support our fantastic team of enthusiastic, committed parents who support the Board of Trustees and the School in a variety of ways.

Our main purpose is to raise funds through school events and promotions with the end result always benefiting our amazing kids! All fundraising initiatives not only aid our children’s education and enjoyment at school, they also build a greater sense of community connecting all walks of life.

We pride ourselves on adhering to a zero waste philosophy which in turn is filtered through all aspects of school life and learning. Fundraising meetings are usually held every 4 weeks.

We also have a section within our School Newsletter which has insights into what we are planning, working towards, and any help we may need. Any and all help is welcomed; either by joining the team or assisting with fundraisers on a casual basis. Jump on board and enquire about our fundraising team and help make our awesome school an even better place for all our children!

Congratulations to our 3 winners for Knowledge Athon

1st Mason Connon Room 8

2nd Kobe Taniwha Room 28

3rd Ray Botica Room 7

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Sep 11

GBS Production

Sep 14

Beats by Bingo 80's

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