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End of Term
On the last day of every term, school finishes at 2:00pm. Please ensure your child is collected on time.

Safety Before and After School
School starts at 8:50am and finishes at 2:55pm. The school does not accept responsibilty for students arriving at school before 8:30am. Students attendance before this is at parents own risk. The school grounds open at 8:30am, any students that arrive before that time must assemble and stay in the quiet area outside the Principals office, behind R11, students are not to play on the playground equipment. A before school service is being operated in the hall (contact GBKO, Julie Adams on 027 223 8386) more information under our enrolments and zoning page.

All students must be collected from school by 3.15pm. All students who are waiting for parents or siblings to collect them must wait in front of the school office.

When picking up/dropping off students, all drivers must stop on the roadside and adhere to the 5 minute Auckland Transport signs.
The school car parks are for staff parking only, do not use the school car park to drop off/pick up.

Cellphones are only permitted if they are handed in at the school office for the day, (N.B. all care and no responsibility!). If a student does not hand their cellphone in, it will be confiscated and will only be handed back to a parent. This policy may change if it becomes problematic. With changes in technology, i-watches are best left at home.

Bicycles & Skateboards
The Traffic Department does not recommend that children under 9 years of age ride on the roads. Therefore, only Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 students may ride bicycles, skateboards or scooters to school unsupervised. The Board of Trustees policy is that students who ride their bike to school must wear a safety helmet. In the interests of safety; bicycles, skateboards and scooters may not be ridden within school grounds before school, during school hours, or after school before 3:15pm, (other than on our official charity fundraising ‘Wheels Day’). Students who ride a scooter or skateboard to school must store these items in the bike bay outside the library. The school takes no responsibility for loss or damage of these items.

Lost Property
This is collected and stored in the library hallway. Please name all uniform and footwear to assist us in finding the owner. Lost property is displayed at the end of every term; the last two days on the senior courts. Parents are invited to view lost property. Unclaimed lost property is recycled responsibly.

Second hand uniform is available, please contact

The school must be informed if a student has any medical condition, (e.g. allergies, asthma), or requires medication during the school day. All medication must be kept in the school sick bay. We will require authorisation in writing to dispense medication. Please contact the office regarding this.

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