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Jump Jam
2018 North Island Regional Results-2nd place to Green Bay school Salt & Pepper Shakers to Shake It Off.
2016 North Island Regional Results-1st place to Green Bay school The Funkstars to Uptown Funk.
2015 National Results -2nd place Green Bay School Punk Stars to Can't Hold Us.

Peer Mediators
Our school is an active participant in the Cool Schools Peer Mediation programme. This programme is a whole school programme for Primary and Intermediate Schools that teaches essential life skills for peaceful conflict resolution. It is suitable for all members of the school community; students, teachers and parents. The skills taught empower individuals to build positive, caring relationships with others especially when conflict arises over differences. Peer mediators are on duty during morning tea and lunch time, they also plan and run activities for students around the school. They meet once a week to reflect and discuss their experiences.

Talent Development
Our Talent Development is an integral part of our learning at Green Bay School. During Terms 2 and 3, our Year 4-8 students will be given a choice to further pursue a talent of their liking. Modules include the arts, technology, sports, music, cultural, enviro and languages.

All students will be involved in at least one module and as many as four. Some modules run for 8 weeks while others for 16 weeks. Our students look forward to taking part in the modules such as Mad Scientists, Soccer Skills, Mandarin, Art History, Knitting, Band, Ukulele, Court Sports and many more.

We have a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying’ policy. Bullying is inappropriate behaviour of a repetitive nature that causes harm and/or humiliation. We can only deal with bullying if we know it is happening. It is vitally important that the victim tells someone as soon as an incident happens so it can be dealt with immediately. Parents who have a concern about bullying are asked to report it immediately to your child’s teacher; the teacher will investigate and report back to you. If bullying is occurring, the bully will be dealt with as a serious offence according to school discipline procedures. Victims of bullying are likely to need support in developing strategies for dealing with bullying.

Travelwise School
Travelwise is an innovative programme which aims to make students’ journeys to school active, safe and sustainable.

Our Walking School Buses are a fun, safe and active way for children to travel to and from school with adult supervision. Each bus walks along a set route with at least one adult “driver”, picking children up at designated stops and walking them to school. The process, led by the same or different “drivers”, is reversed in the afternoons.

The Happy Feet Walking School Bus starts on Cliff View Drive. The Green Bay Central Walking School Bus starts on the corner of Pendlebury Street and Castleford Street. The Stottholm Road Walking School Bus starts outside the back gate of the High School (Stottholm Road). In the morning the walking school buses leave at 8:15am and arrive at school for 8:30am. After school, the walking school buses meet at the school library and leave at 3:00pm.

Enviro School
We are an “Enviro School” which means we are building children’s awareness of the need for conservation, sustainability and looking after the environment. This awareness and knowledge will be even more sought after for future citizens and knowledge-economy employment sectors. Students get involved in looking after the school environment, recycling systems, problem solving, and futures-thinking. There are many Enviro learning resources in the school – chickens, bee-hives, worm farms, organic gardens, orchards, a native plant walkway with a Taniwha class seating area, and a Rongoa Garden designed by students featuring Maori medicinal plants and an outdoor classroom.

Physical Education/Sports
A brief fitness session of about 15 minutes takes place daily (weather and programme permitting) and a programme of high-quality physical activity is provided. Syndicates organise a variety of sporting skill sessions and games on a regular basis. We also have a sports activator - a specialist sports coach employed by the school to provide students with a variety of challenging and motivating physical learning experiences. Year 4-8 students are expected to wear the school PE uniform for fitness and sports. All students are expected to participate unless a note is provided by parents stating a medical reason for non-participation. The school has a pool which is open during the warmer months. Swimming is part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum. As water survival skills are vital in our island nation, all students are expected to participate.


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